Collection: ATV Crushlock Wheels

Are you tired of your ATV’s tires slipping on the wheel rims when you’re off-roading? Get better traction and control with ATV crushlock wheels from 22Offroad. Crushlock ATV rims physically pinch or "crush" the bead of the tire between two halves of the wheel, locking it into place. The design keeps the tire in the right position on the wheel, enhancing performance and safety. The ATV hub covers included help reduce the dirt and mud getting into your hubs.

Install crushlock ATV rims to minimize the chance of floating on the mud surface or becoming bogged down. ATV crushlock wheels give your tires a taller, narrower profile; this distributes the ATV’s weight over a smaller contact area and increases the pressure on the ground per square inch of tire. The increased pressure allows the tire to penetrate the softer top layer of mud and reach more solid ground beneath, where it can find better traction and maintain momentum.