Honda Talon Accessories

22Offroad sells an extensive range of accessories for the Honda Talon UTV that cater to every enthusiast’s needs, whether you want to go trail riding or mudding in your Talon. Installing high-quality aftermarket parts lets you personalize your ride and take on new terrain. Shop with us for Honda Talon accessories, including exhaust systems, Bluetooth-enabled RGB rock lights, and recovery straps.

We offer dual full exhaust systems and dual slip-on exhausts. Dual full exhaust systems for UTVs replace the entire exhaust system, from the engine to the tailpipe, including the headers, mid-pipe, and mufflers, offering significant performance improvements, such as increased horsepower and torque. On the other hand, dual slip-on exhausts replace only the muffler portion of the stock exhaust system, altering the UTV’s sound and increasing performance.

Mount rock lights to the undercarriage of your Talon UTV to navigate in the dark and make your ride stand out. Control the lights' color, brightness, and patterns through your phone. With 300 color combinations to choose from, you’ll never get bored. Shop with us today for fun and bold Honda Talon accessories.