Collection: ATV Snorkel Kits

Make sure your ATV is truly fit for all terrain by installing one of 22Offroad’s top-quality ATV snorkel kits. These snorkeling kits for ATVs are specially designed to keep your ATV from getting stuck in deep water. Keep your ride’s air intake and belt drive clear of water with an ATV snorkel kit that’s compatible with your make and model.

Transform your Rancher, Rubicon, or Foreman ATV into a boat with ease! Our Honda snorkel kits include everything you need to install the kit and get moving through all terrain—including those deeper waters. Our snorkel kits for four-wheelers will allow your rig to withstand exposure to mud, water, and debris.

Each custom ATV snorkel kit comes with all the necessary hardware for seamless installation, including fittings to ensure a secure and airtight connection between the snorkel system and the ATV’s engine. Our all-in-one ATV snorkel kits ensure that riders can undertake the installation process with confidence. The convenience of a complete kit significantly reduces the installation time and complexity, offering an efficient upgrade to the ATV's capabilities without the need for additional parts or specialized tools.

Need help choosing the right ATV snorkel kit for your ride? Curious about how a snorkel kit works? Please contact us via our online form, and we’ll be glad to help.