Collection: ATV Lift Kits

Improve your ATV’s ground clearance and traverse all terrains with ease by installing a High Lifter ATV lift kit from 22Offroad. These Signature Series aftermarket ATV lift kits will have you riding in style in no time, as each kit contains everything you need to lift your ATV.

Pair one of these Honda ATV lift kits with a new set of floorboards for enhanced ground clearance and tire clearance. Each ATV lift kit is plated with zinc for superior durability, and the included instructions are easy to follow. Even if you’re not an auto expert, you can give your ATV a serious boost with a High Lifter ATV suspension lift kit.

Our custom ATV lift kits allow you to conquer various obstacles, including rocks, fallen logs, and deep ruts that would otherwise be impassable. The enhanced height also improves your ATV's ability to wade through deep water crossings. And by accommodating larger tires, ATV lift kits give riders greater traction and control across slippery mud, soft sand, and loose gravel. These enhanced capabilities give you greater freedom to confidently explore the most rugged landscapes.

Wondering which ATV lift kit you need for your ride? Need extra support with installation? Please contact us with any questions, and we’ll be happy to help you.