Collection: Honda Pioneer Accessories

Have more fun off-roading with Honda Pioneer accessories from 22Offroad. We have high-quality aftermarket parts to customize your UTV’s performance and appearance. From impressive lighting to fuel system upgrades and snorkel kits, these Honda Pioneer parts make mudding more exhilarating.

Make your night rides more atmospheric with LED lights. Bluetooth RGB rock light kits combine functionality and style, enhancing visibility and making your UTV stand out. Thanks to its Bluetooth capability, you can control lighting colors and patterns directly from your smartphone.

We also provide Honda Pioneer accessories that optimize your UTV’s air intake and fuel system. Raise your ride’s vent lines with a vent line relocation kit to prevent water, mud, and debris from entering and compromising the fuel system. Complement this upgrade with a vented gas cap that maintains the proper pressure balance within the fuel tank, preventing vacuum build-up that could hinder fuel flow to the engine.