Ways To Customize Your ATV To Reflect Your Style

Ways To Customize Your ATV To Reflect Your Style

As an ATV owner, you can customize your machine to express your individual style, stand out from the crowd, and create unique off-road experiences tailored to your preferences. With so many options, though, it can be tricky to know where to start. Consider four of the best ways to customize your ATV to reflect your style.


Custom lighting adds a unique aesthetic touch and enhances visibility and safety during nighttime rides. Consider installing LED light bars, new headlights, or colorful lights under the chassis to make your ATV stand out.

There are countless lighting options available on the market that cater to various styles and preferences. Whether you prefer a sleek and minimalistic look or a bold and eye-catching design, you can find lighting accessories that perfectly complement your ATV’s overall appearance. For example, with a Bluetooth-enabled rock light kit, you can change the color temperature, color, and lighting effect of your ATV rock lights with just a touch.


Upgrading your ATV’s floorboards is another great way to customize your ride and reflect your style while improving comfort and functionality. The sleek, durable materials and rugged construction of aftermarket floorboards give the ATV a more formidable look while protecting it against mud, debris, and wear and tear.

At 22Offroad, we precisely engineer our ATV floorboards so they will fit your ride perfectly. Quality design and construction make it easier to install the floorboards and create a seamless look. With these floorboards, you can mount tires up to 33 inches in diameter on your ATV, expanding your off-road capabilities.

Snorkel Kits

If you enjoy riding through deep water or muddy trails, a snorkel kit is a must-have customization for your ATV. Snorkel kits relocate your ATV’s air intake and exhaust systems to a higher position, preventing water and debris from entering the engine.

In addition to their practical benefits, snorkel kits also give your ATV a rugged and adventurous look. Choose a kit made for your ATV make and model, and in no time, you’ll transform your ATV into a water-fording beast.


Wheels are a critical component of your ATV’s performance and style. For instance, crush lock wheels compress the tire against the wheel rim to help prevent the ATV from floating when mud bogging or mud racing.

Upgrading to aftermarket wheels can significantly improve your ATV’s handling, traction, and overall appearance. Bare metal wheels create an industrial, durable look, and you can choose between classic spoke patterns, spiral designs, logo motifs, and more.

Customizing your ATV is part of the fun of ownership and off-roading. From custom lighting options for safety and aesthetics to upgraded floorboards for comfort and durability, each customization serves a dual purpose of reflecting your individuality while improving your riding experience. Snorkel kits offer practical benefits for water and mud adventures while adding a rugged look, and crush lock wheels enhance mudding performance while giving your wheels a unique design. Choose well-made aftermarket parts to make your ATV a reflection of your personality and a perfect companion for off-road escapades.

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